Bite Me


{The last of my pignoli cookies from Bite Me}

This past weekend,  I was leaving a friends house and they handed me a box of heavenly cookies. They claimed that once I ate one I would forever be addicted. Boy, were they right.  Being the marinara blooded person that I am, I love Italian cookies (as you can tell from my Pizzelle recipe!) and pignoli’s are very high up on my favorite list.  I was so excited to try these powdered sugar covered gods that I opened the box on the car ride home and ate one… and that was the moment I became even more addicted to pignoli cookies.

These cookies are from Bite Me at Cucina 98 in Montclair, New Jersey. I have never personally been to the location but after I literally ate the whole box of cookies, I am sure I will make it over there sooner than later.  I highly HIGHLY recommend you head over there and buy some. If you don’t live close, I advise you convince Bite Me to deliver some to your door. You will NOT regret it, if anything you will regret not being able to muster up the self control to stop after eating just one cookie.

Sparkle on my little gems, sparkle on.

Screenshot (7) (1)

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