Spring Fling


The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful with a high of 83 degrees.  I tend to think it’s funny how warm weather and a little sunshine really boosts my mood.  It effortlessly  throws a smile on my face and makes my day 100x better.  Bright colors are synonymous with warm weather and they are always a spring style must.  After yesterday, I really felt that spring had finally arrived and could not have been happier to welcome it with a spring fashion set.

PH Reactive Lip Tint in Jewel {1} Linger Gladiator Platforms {2} Textured Cigarette Trousers {3} Fabric Stone Bracelet Pack {4} Knitted Fluro Pink Crop Jumper {5}

Source| Topshop 

Screenshot (7) (1)


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2 thoughts on “Spring Fling

  1. Jenny says:

    Great post, love all the items!!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin.


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