May Beauty Favorites!


{May Beauty Favorites}

1. Demert Nail Enamel Dryer

2. Sephora Make-up Palette

3. Neutrogena Visibly Even Foaming Cleanser 

So I cannot believe it is already May.  May is normally when I start heading down the shore to my vacation home, and what that means is that I like to pack in a mere five minutes and not a minute more. I literally take my duffle bag, shove in some clothes, my bathing suits, and quickly gather only the most convenient things. Let me start with one of my most convenient beauty favorites of the month which is  1) DeMert Nail Enamel.  This is definitely one of my favorite beauty finds because I don’t have to wait super long for my nails to dry when I give myself a mani. I like to paint my nails, spray some Nail Enamel, and head down the shore. Next, I always seem to pack my 2) Sephora Make-up Palette which has eye shadow, blush, compact powder, lip gloss, mascara, and mini brushes. This is amazing when I am in a rush since it has all the make-up necessities in one.  Finally, I never leave without my 3) Neutrogena Visibly Even Foaming Cleanser. This face wash is the BEST and every store that sells it always seems to be running out. Two of its main ingredients are Vitamin C and Soy which naturally exfoliates and brightens skin.   The combo of these three beauty faves always seem to make it into my duffle, what are your beauty faves you pack on the run?

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2 thoughts on “May Beauty Favorites!

  1. Jenny says:

    Love that sephora make-up palette!! great picks dear!!

  2. agb14 says:

    Me too, thank you!!

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