Frozen Nutella Hot Chocolate


If there is Nutella in my house it doesn’t seem to last even a week. As you may have seen from my other posts or to just simply quote the frank’s red hot sauce lady, “I put that sh*t on everything.”   I try not to keep it in the house because every time I walk into the kitchen I seem to grab a spoonful.

I really love the taste of hot-chocolate but it tends to lose its luster when the summer months come around.  Frozen hot chocolate , if you haven’t tried it, is a funny thing.  I know the first time I tried it I was just expecting a typical chocolate milkshake… but no.  It is totally different; it tastes just like hot chocolate but an icy version.  So anyway, this week I decided to attempt my own version of frozen hot chocolate (or what I like to call a Fro-ho).  Nutella happened to be in the house and before anyone could stop me Nutella ended up in the blender.  These frozen Nutella hot chocolates makes for an amazing spur-of the moment summer treat.


Per Serving: Calories {206} Total Fat {10 g} Protein {6 g}


Frozen Nutella Hot Chocolate

Makes 2 Fro-ho’s/Serving Size 1 Fro-ho

1 Cup Ice

1 Cup Milk

6 tablespoons Nutella

1 Packet instant hot chocolate

To make frozen hot chocolate:

1. Put all in a blender until it reaches a smooth consistency
Screenshot (7) (1)
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4 thoughts on “Frozen Nutella Hot Chocolate

  1. YUM! This sounds delicious.. I’ll have to try it!

  2. Kate T. says:

    Oh my gosh this sounds so good!

  3. I loooove hot chocolate, but like you say it’s not always satisfying when it’s hot. This looks incredible – thanks for sharing! Celeste 🙂

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