A couple of weeks ago we went to Brooklyn for Mother’s Day.  My mom grew up in Brooklyn and asked if we could spend the day in her old neighborhood.  Walking around Brooklyn was beautiful and finally putting a location to all the stories my mom has shared with us over the years really made the stories come to life.  She showed us the church {above} where she and her 5 siblings received their holy communion, the factory ledge they would escape to when their family doctor would arrive to give them their shots, the brownstone stoops they would play on, and the forbidden roof where they would sit on warm summer days.   Being able to bring my mom “home” to Brooklyn made for a beautiful experience, one I hope to share with my children one day.


{Forever 21 Chain Headband, American Rag Denim Jacket, & ISSI Dress}


{ Juicy Couture Bag & Michael Kors Watch}

DSC_0078{A childhood favorite restaurant of my mom’s: The Famous House of Pizza & Calzone}

Screenshot (7) (1)

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2 thoughts on “Brooklyn

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Love your lace dress, lovely outfit ! 🙂

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