August Beauty Favorites

August Beauty Favorites

{August Beauty Favorites}

1. ME: Makeover Essentials- Essentials Face Color Kit

2. e.l.f. Eyelash Curler

3. L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara

I cannot believe it is already August! The summer is flying by, yet I refuse to let it slip out of my hands as September approaches.  On the plus side, my birthday is coming up and I can’t wait to spend the day with my family and friends.  My first beauty favorite this month is 1) ME: Essentials Face Color Kit.  I really enjoy the colors that come in this kit, they are great for summer and easy to take when traveling.  This was my first time using Makeover Essentials and so far I’m quite pleased.  I need to venture out and try  more of their products soon.  My second favorite this month is the 2) E.L.F Mechanical Eyelash Curler.   This is one of my favorite eyelash curlers because it is inexpensive, so when the rubber starts wearing away I toss it and buy a new one! Also, it curls my eyelashes super well.  My last favorite of the month is 3) Loreal Telescopic Mascara in blackest black.  This stuff is great, it makes my lashes super long but also doesn’t clump which is a big thumbs up! Also, I love the style of the wand, its thin and separates my lashes really well.

What are your August faves?


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3 thoughts on “August Beauty Favorites

  1. I love this E.L.F. eyelash curler too! The fact that it’s so inexpensive AND good at curling my stick straight lashes means it’s definitely a win-win for me (:

    My other favorites of the moment are Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream and their Falsies mascara – I’m obsessed!


    • I’ve been wanting to try Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream, that is definitely going to be something I try next. I am also obsessed with Falsies mascara… I love it! Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

      • Maybelline’s BB cream has a ton of amazing reviews online so I had to try it as soon as I found it on the shelves. It’s really sheer and light, and I love that it has SPF 30 so my skin stays protected in this hot New York heat – you’ll have to let me know how you like it, doll (:

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