Hidden Gems

This past weekend was wonderful, I finally got around to getting a new computer, celebrated my 6 year anniversary with my boyfriend, and I watched my sister swim her annual ocean mile swim.

I am so pleased to finally be working on a brand new Macbook.  My original laptop died after a very long life, and my beautiful parents surprised me with this computer as an early birthday present. Then, on Saturday my boyfriend took me out for our 6 year anniversary, can you believe it?! 6 years! We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant and had such a beautiful night.  Strangely, we also bought each other the same exact anniversary card at different locations.  Lastly, I went down the shore to watch my sister swim her annual ocean mile swim.  There was no way she could have convinced me to swim in that ocean race with her, especially during “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, but I must say I was a very good cheerleader.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my August weekend.

How was your weekend?

New Macbook

{My brand new MacBook Pro, so happy it is finally here!}

Anniversary Flowers

{Anniversary flowers from my boyfriend, such a cutie}

Ocean Swim

{Ocean Mile Swim, Belmar New Jersey}


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