Hidden Gems

I am genuinely sad that the summer is coming to an end but I must say I am so lucky to be blessed with amazing family, friends, and experiences which made this summer extra special.  Summer drifting away means some positive things, with a strong emphasis on some, like routines.  I am happy to a get back into a routine which definitely means a lot more working out and a lot less of, well, ice cream.

On a side note about the ice cream, I went away for a week with my boyfriend’s family and every night consisted of a very indulgent multi-scoop ice cream cone. #sorryimnotsorry. Now it’s time to kick my booty back into shape, and do things like… watch my sister run a Color Run.  Baby steps.

Well anyway, this weeks hidden gems are truly indicative of my end of summer journey, my sister’s color run, back into the swing of school, and a family dinner in Hoboken to see the summer off.  Cheers to you summer, it’s been fun.

color run

{ Color Run, Brooklyn, New York}


{Drop dead gorgeous view of Central Park from my school window}


{NYC skyline from Hoboken, New Jersey}


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One thought on “Hidden Gems

  1. Great pictures! I am so sad the summer is almost over too!

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