Apple & Pumpkin Picking

apple crates

{Apple Crates}

Every single year my family carves pumpkins.  It has been a tradition my mom and dad started when they got married and it has continued ever since. My mom makes dinner, my dad bakes the pumpkin seeds, then we eat yummy fall desserts, and carve away competitively since it is an annual competition we take very seriously.  Half of us just make simple faces like normal people and the rest of us carve away imagining we are as talented as a pumpkin carving Picasso (I’ll admit, I totally think I’m the pumpkin carving Picasso for some reason).

Every year it starts off with my dad trying to find where he misplaced his Phantom of the Opera CASSETTE tape. Yes, cassette tape. Then, after the rest of us have started slaving away over our pumpkins he finds it, pulls up his cassette player from the basement, turns off all the lights, and blasts the music from the play.  Then my mom always tells him to turn on the lights because none of us can see, and then it officially begins.  It’s sort of like groundhog day, except it’s more like annual family pumpkin carving day…

Also, this year my boyfriend and I went apple/pumpkin picking with two of our friends the day before pumpkin carving day and we had so much fun.  We spent the whole day picking apples, drinking cider, and spending some quality time with them.  We had such a great time that perhaps we should make apple picking day a tradition too.


{Apple display}


{With our apples we picked we made some caramel apples, how delicious, tempted to eat them all.}


{My dracula & Brian’s silly face}


{What do you think of everyone’s pumpkin?: Mario, Dracula, melting candle, silly face, silly face, tree}


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3 thoughts on “Apple & Pumpkin Picking

  1. whatwewear says:

    very impressive pumpkin carving, well done! great photos!
    xx Vera & Rony

  2. jenny says:

    Great pumpkin carving, and the caramel apples look delicious!!!

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