Hidden Gems

IMG_4282{Superbowl XLVIII, Hoboken, New Jersey}

Having the Superbowl near our home this year was exciting and unique.  New York and New Jersey were hustling and bustling with Superbowl fans celebrating all things football.  The day before the big game, I headed over to Hoboken with my family to see the giant Superbowl XLVIII sculpture on the pier; It was stunning against the NYC skyline.    

Happy Wednesday!

IMG_4151{Mani time}

DSC_0818{The best candle: Eucalyptus Mint}


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5 thoughts on “Hidden Gems

  1. ei155 says:

    Such a nice picture of superbowl sculpture. I heard the superbowl itself wasn’t so great this year :/

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow, the photo of the sculpture with the beautiful NYC skyline is stunning! I don’t remember seeing the sculpture at all with the game broadcast,

  3. I love the sculpture!! So cool!

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