Strawberry Blood Orange Marmalade

Marmalade{Strawberry Blood Orange Marmalade}

Whenever Brian and I have a little bit of free time we hop in the car and take a drive down to South Jersey.  We grab some yummy burgers & killer milkshakes and enjoy the change of scenery.  On our way home, we always make a stop at Delicious Orchards, a cute food market, and pick up a hodgepodge of whatever we “feel” like buying.  Apple cider donuts? How could we not.  Specialty chocolate? Obviously.  Havarti cheese?  Sounds good.  Produce? Toss it in. This time, along with some dessert, we picked up some winter citrus- yummy blood oranges.

With the blood oranges, I decided to make my dad a twist on one of his favorite basics: orange marmalade.  He loves it and I always promise to make it; So here it is!   Also, I had a pint of strawberries sitting in the fridge and figured why not toss them in… and well, it happened to be quite delicious. While I am not a huge fan of the typical orange marmalade (I find it way wayyy too bitter for my liking) this strawberry blood orange twist is just the perfect marriage of bitter & sweet. Let’s just say I left some for myself too.

Blood Oranges{Sliced Blood Orange- such a pretty red}

Blood Orange

Blood Orange Marmalade

Strawberry Blood Orange Marmalade

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Source| Template from Love vs. Design , Recipe adapted from Bon Appétit Magazine


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Blood Orange Marmalade

  1. I love the deep red of the oranges. Looks absolutely delicious.

  2. yum! i love blood oranges, this sounds like an amazing recipe! i want to try it out this weekend on toast!

  3. Tiff says:

    Wow!! Look at how beautiful those blood oranges are! You & Brian definitely picked up some beautiful oranges there. Did your dad end up loving your creation for him? Sounds like it’s a fantastic recipe. I’ll have to put this in a recipe box to try one day.

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