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Hidden Gems

jimmy{Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Taping at NBC}

I have had a very eventful month and I am very excited to share some of my hidden gems.  Last Thursday, Brian and I had the opportunity to see the taping of Jimmy Fallon at NBC.  Jimmy Fallon’s tickets are always sold out and I happened to get lucky.  It was so much fun and we saw some very awesome guests- Russell Crowe, Joan Rivers, and The National.  If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out .  There is one part in the episode where they show the audience and you can see us- if you watched it, were you able to spot us?!

Hope your enjoying the first few weeks of spring!

Flowers{Beautiful daffodils- a glimpse into spring}

Ben & Jerry's{A much needed Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone}


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Hidden Gems

IMG_4282{Superbowl XLVIII, Hoboken, New Jersey}

Having the Superbowl near our home this year was exciting and unique.  New York and New Jersey were hustling and bustling with Superbowl fans celebrating all things football.  The day before the big game, I headed over to Hoboken with my family to see the giant Superbowl XLVIII sculpture on the pier; It was stunning against the NYC skyline.    

Happy Wednesday!

IMG_4151{Mani time}

DSC_0818{The best candle: Eucalyptus Mint}


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Hidden Gems


{New Years Day, 2014}

Every New Years Eve we ring in the New Year at our family beach house.  For those of you who are new to Gems and Gelato, I first talked about our beach house experience here, way back when I first started blogging. Celebrating the New Year down the shore has turned into a great tradition and amazing memories.  And as for waking up to the beautiful beach on the first day of the New Year- well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

photo 2

{Fresh coat of Essie “Bobbing for Baubles“}


{Winter breaks over- back in the swing of school, NYC}


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Hidden Gems

It is almost December and I cannot believe how this month is flying by!  It has been such a great fall so far and I am trying my hardest to appreciate the little gems as the month continues to zip past me.  This month’s hidden gems are a true hodgepodge of my month’s adventures: sipping on delicious cappuccinos in Mexico with Brian, cooking up some sweet potato fries with a brown sugar glaze (because every other minute I’m cooking up something), and a little bit of retail shopping.   What are some of your hidden gems this month?


{Our delicious cappuccinos in Mexico}


{Homemade sweet potato fries with a brown sugar glaze}


{Cute little Kate Spade bag}


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Hidden Gems

I am so in love with the zoo.  You probably saw my fall bucket list last week and visiting the Bronx Zoo was on the list.  I am proud to say Brian and I made it happen and snapped some great pictures of NYC hidden gems along the way.  At the zoo we walked so much (it seemed like a marathon) that our legs felt like jello by the time we got to the Gorilla forest.  As a reward for all our marathon walking, we ate steak and lobster mac and cheese at at our favorite restaurant for dinner.  It was only necessary.  Yum.  

Now it’s time to cross an item off the fall bucket list.

Bronx Zoo

{Bronx Zoo with Brian}


{Loved the sunlight on this building while walking, NYC}

Art{Amazing graffiti art, NYC}


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Hidden Gems


{Chanel Lipstick — a summer favorite}

Pancakes{Yummy Sunday pancakes}

manolo blahnik

{Totally glam glitter Manolo’s}

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A Trip to the Vineyard

DSC_0138A few weeks back my adorable parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary.  Obviously, this called for a mini celebration and a major toast to another happy and healthy 29 years.  So, my sister and I planned a day trip to a local vineyard to celebrate.  It was relaxing; we listened to the band, toured the vineyard, ate some pizza and drank some wine.  I recently found out there are a few local vineyards in New Jersey and definitely want to plan more day trips soon.



DSC_0231{The cutest little vines beginning to grow}


Screenshot (7) (1)

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Hidden Gems

watch 1

{New rose gold watch from Aldo}


{Flowers from my mom’s birthday}

farm{Beautiful rustic farm in New York}

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A couple of weeks ago we went to Brooklyn for Mother’s Day.  My mom grew up in Brooklyn and asked if we could spend the day in her old neighborhood.  Walking around Brooklyn was beautiful and finally putting a location to all the stories my mom has shared with us over the years really made the stories come to life.  She showed us the church {above} where she and her 5 siblings received their holy communion, the factory ledge they would escape to when their family doctor would arrive to give them their shots, the brownstone stoops they would play on, and the forbidden roof where they would sit on warm summer days.   Being able to bring my mom “home” to Brooklyn made for a beautiful experience, one I hope to share with my children one day.


{Forever 21 Chain Headband, American Rag Denim Jacket, & ISSI Dress}


{ Juicy Couture Bag & Michael Kors Watch}

DSC_0078{A childhood favorite restaurant of my mom’s: The Famous House of Pizza & Calzone}

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Hidden Gems


{Amazing metal art that moves like a wave, Liberty Science Center}


{Jersey City Harbor}


{The blooming of an adorable sunflower}

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