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January Beauty Favorites

January Beauty Favorites

{January Beauty Favorites}

1. elf Studio High Definition Loose Face Powder

2. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask

3. Maybelline New York Fit Me! Powder, 120 Classic Ivory

Happy New Year! 2013 had been an amazing year and I could not have been more blessed.  I feel very fortunate for all my beautiful family, friends, and followers who never cease to amaze me with their continuous support.

A few weeks back, I went to Target and stocked up on a ton of beauty items. Necessary? Probably not, but totally worth it.  The first item I found was the 1) E.l.f High Definition Loose Face Powder. I always set my makeup with a translucent powder (I normally use this) but I happened to run out.  While I was aimlessly wandering around Target, which seems to always happen when I walk into place, I found the E.l.f High Def powder. Since I am an E.l.f fan to begin with, I figured why not give it a try.  Seriously, this product is awesome. I used it for New Years Eve and my makeup did not budge! 

My next favorite is the 2) Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Mask.  I love hair masks, and this one is great. It is smooth and leaves your hair extremely silky.  On a side note, last week I put coconut oil in my hair (another Pinterest inspiration to say the least) and I literally had to wash my hair 3 times in 24 hours in order to get it out.  I probably went coco-crazy and over did it- I will  attempt the coconut oil mask another time with much less of it. But in the mean time, let me spare you the time and trouble coconut oil brought me- leave the coconut oil in the kitchen and buy the Organix hair mask.

Lastly 3) is the Maybelline, Fit Me! Powder. It blends very well, lasts forever, and they have every skin color imaginable. I normally use some foundation, then blend some Fit Me! powder over it for extra coverage.  What are your January beauty favorites?

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Again, Happy New Year!


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December Beauty Favorites

December Beauty Favorites{December Beauty Favorites}

1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Forever Eau de Parfum

2. EyeStudio Maybelline shadow Makeover Mocha

3. Jordana Easyliner For Lips: Cabernet & Plush Plum

4. Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner: Black

I cannot believe how this month is flying by! I am really excited to share this month’s beauty favorites because they are awesome! So my first pick is 1) Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Forever Eau de Parfum. It is fresh with sweet undertones- totally love it. Next, 2) the Maybelline Shadow Eye Studio.  This one is limited edition so my store had very few left. I love how this quad set has a slight shimmer and is highly pigmented which is hard to find in drug store shadows.  Then comes 3) Jordana Easyliner for lips. These little pencils are amazing, they are retractable so you never have to sharpen them and not to mention they are ridiculously cheap ($1.99- I kid you not).  In the picture above I have showed the Cabernet & Plush Plum colors but another one of my favorites is Tawny.  Tawny matches my lip color exactly so I use it as an everyday look.  Lastly, 4) Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner.  This liner is a felt tip that glides easily and doesn’t make a mess.  Also,  if you are not the best at applying liquid liner but want the look, this is definitely a great liner to buy in order to get the hang of it.  Like the Jordana lipliners, this one is also ridiculously cheap- double win.

What are your December beauty favorites?


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Personal Struggles Against the Internet

We probably have all been there at some point. You open your laptop, go online, and find yourself doing exactly opposite of what you went on there to do.  You enter the unforeseen layers of the internet and sometimes never return.  Here are just some battles I always lose to the internet:


Youtube how to [fill in the blank]

Get distracted by the suggested videos on the side


Enter the black hole of YouTube

Watch cute babies laughing and kitten videos for the next hour

Babies Laughing

How cute, though?

Living Social/Groupon/ Every other deal site on the internet

Look for a great deal, because why pay full price

“Oh look a Costa Rica vacation for 7 nights. Looks great, pictures are persuasive, tempted to book the flight right now.”

On second thought I should probably save my money.

Buy 5 other local deals instead to fill my hearts empty space of sans Costa Rica sadness

Costa Rica


Attempt to Google “Government Shutdown Aftermath”

Accidentally type “google” into the google search bar. [backspace]

Start typing and Google suggests something ridiculous

Now I’m interested. [Click]

What was I googling again?

Oh right… Bernese Mountain dog puppies.


“Let’s see what kind of cake I can make for Ali’s birthday”

Repin 357 pins onto my style inspiration, kitchen inspiration, and backyard inspiration boards.

Am I serious with this amount of pins? Style? Ok whatever, I let it slide. Home ideas? Who am I kidding… I’m not an interior designer and I still live at home. Ugh.

Shut computer.

Still no cake recipe.



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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Under $100: The Foodie

The Foodie

The Foodie

1. Menu Mashup- The Food Game

2. Kitchen Coquette: The Go-To Guide for Those Random Life Scenarios When Food Is the Only Answer

3. The Spice Lab Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler 

4. Ballard Bee Company Wildflower Honey

5.  Takeout Menu Organizer 

6. Destination Dinners Exotic Dinner Kit 

Day 3: The Foodie! I have to admit, if you haven’t already realized, but I am a total foodie.  So, picking out 6 unique “Foodie” gifts under $100 was not a challenge one bit. I picked out a menu mashup food game, a go-to guide for random life scenarios when food is the only answer, a sea salt sampler, wildflower honey, an awesome take out menu organizer, and a destination dinners exotic dinner kit. Pretty much perfect “foodie” gifts.  We love food,  we love gifts, so obviously we all will love food gifts.

Time to take food shopping to a whole new level.


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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Under $100: The Holiday Hostess

I absolutely love the holiday season but what I definitely don’t love is the chaotic present searching that comes along with it.  So, that’s where I come in! This  holiday season I created the week long Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide and get this… all gifts under $100. Also, today just so happens to be Cyber Monday, so who knows, maybe you’ll be able to score these holiday hostess gifts for even cheaper!

It is hard to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list so starting today, for a full week, I will be posting perfect presents for different types of personalities (for girls and guys) and where to buy them. How awesome, right?

Make sure to check back tomorrow for Day 2 of the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, can you guess which gift guide is next?

Holiday Hostess Homerun Homemaker's

1. J.Crew Coaster Set  (Similar one here)

2. Kate Spade Salt and Pepper Shakers 

3. J.Crew Crystal Shimmer Earrings 

4. Okuno Measuring Cups 

5. DII Pink Pout Daisy Garden Apron

6. Neiman Marcus Shaker 

7. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candle-Geranium

8. Vintage Cocktails (Similar one here)


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Hidden Gems

It is almost December and I cannot believe how this month is flying by!  It has been such a great fall so far and I am trying my hardest to appreciate the little gems as the month continues to zip past me.  This month’s hidden gems are a true hodgepodge of my month’s adventures: sipping on delicious cappuccinos in Mexico with Brian, cooking up some sweet potato fries with a brown sugar glaze (because every other minute I’m cooking up something), and a little bit of retail shopping.   What are some of your hidden gems this month?


{Our delicious cappuccinos in Mexico}


{Homemade sweet potato fries with a brown sugar glaze}


{Cute little Kate Spade bag}


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Classic Chocolate Cupcakes with Cloud Frosting


I made these delicious cupcakes last week and have come to the conclusion that they are just perfect for every occasion.  It is a simple classic chocolate cupcake with a fabulous cloud frosting.  I was a victim of Pinterest, once again, and “cloud” frosting has now become one of my favorites. What is cloud frosting you ask? Amazingness. It tastes like an icing/whipped cream/marshmallow mashup that is super easy to work with and takes no time to make at all.  It  is so delicious that after my boyfriend, Brian, had his wisdom teeth removed he ate this…. literally put my cloud frosting in a cup and ate it.

Now run along and make some chocolate cupcakes with cloud frosting.  If you don’t have time to make the chocolate cupcakes you can always just make the frosting and eat that.

If Brian can eat it out of a cup so can we- just saying.





Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 1.55.51 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 1.55.58 PM

Source| Template from Love vs. Design , Cupcake recipe adapted from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, Cloud Frosting Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart’s Seven Minute Frosting & Always With Butter


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November Beauty Favorites

November Beauty Favorites

{November Beauty Favorites}

1. e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set ELF Professional Setting Spray

2. Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter

3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid 

Hi my beautiful gems. Can you believe it is already November? I know I can’t, but anyway, its time for my November beauty favorites.  So the first choice I’d like to talk about this month is the 1) E.L.F Studio Makeup Mist & Set.  A while back I was looking for a makeup setter. I just felt like some nights I’d go through the whole makeup routine and the next thing I knew was my makeup was practically off my face.  I was so frustrated that I went searching for primers and setters.  On my search I found this E.L.F one.  It may not be the best one out there but for the value it became everything I needed.  It was light, not sticky, and super cheap, not like many of the others on the market.  Next, 2) Bliss Lemon + Sage Body butter.  I love the scent and it is so smooth. Not to mention, the sage undertones are perfect for the chilly weather season. Lastly comes 3) my amazing La Roche-Posay Toleraine Fluid, or in layman’s terms…  normal face lotion.  This is my most favorite face lotion! I use one pump after I wash my face and it is so light and non greasy that it’s amazing. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

What are your November beauty favorites?!


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Apple & Pumpkin Picking

apple crates

{Apple Crates}

Every single year my family carves pumpkins.  It has been a tradition my mom and dad started when they got married and it has continued ever since. My mom makes dinner, my dad bakes the pumpkin seeds, then we eat yummy fall desserts, and carve away competitively since it is an annual competition we take very seriously.  Half of us just make simple faces like normal people and the rest of us carve away imagining we are as talented as a pumpkin carving Picasso (I’ll admit, I totally think I’m the pumpkin carving Picasso for some reason).

Every year it starts off with my dad trying to find where he misplaced his Phantom of the Opera CASSETTE tape. Yes, cassette tape. Then, after the rest of us have started slaving away over our pumpkins he finds it, pulls up his cassette player from the basement, turns off all the lights, and blasts the music from the play.  Then my mom always tells him to turn on the lights because none of us can see, and then it officially begins.  It’s sort of like groundhog day, except it’s more like annual family pumpkin carving day…

Also, this year my boyfriend and I went apple/pumpkin picking with two of our friends the day before pumpkin carving day and we had so much fun.  We spent the whole day picking apples, drinking cider, and spending some quality time with them.  We had such a great time that perhaps we should make apple picking day a tradition too.


{Apple display}


{With our apples we picked we made some caramel apples, how delicious, tempted to eat them all.}


{My dracula & Brian’s silly face}


{What do you think of everyone’s pumpkin?: Mario, Dracula, melting candle, silly face, silly face, tree}


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Apple Pie Cookies

Apple Pie Cookies 2

{Apple Pie Cookies}

When I think of fall I think of apple pie, I mean who doesn’t? Apple pies are great and all but this time I needed to revamp the apple pie scene and  thanks to my unhealthy obsession with Pinterest I stumbled upon this gem…. apple pie cookies.  That’s right, basically mini apple pies with the perfect filling to crust ratio.

Apple pie

{Apple Pie Heaven}

As you may have already noticed my apple pie cookies are sans lattice, the pie crust got sticky and I was having trouble braiding the strips. Rookie mistake, I know, but at least they managed to come out beautiful and did not leak their apple goodness everywhere.  This faux lattice actually might have been a short cut blessing in disguise.

Apple Pie Cookie Recipe

Source| Recipe from Oh, Bite It! &  template from Love vs. Design


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