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DIY Monogrammed Wine Glasses


{DIY Gift Set: Monogrammed wine glasses paired with red wine}

Valentines Day is coming up and it is my favorite holiday. Don’t ask me why- it could be because when I was little my mom and dad always seemed to include my sister and me on their Valentines Day “date night.” So, from a young age it was less of the romantic holiday and more of a holiday to express how much we love the family and friends in our lives.

Last week I was in a super crafty mood and made the cutest DIY Valentines Day basket:  monogrammed stemless wine glasses paired with a bottle of red wine.  Etching the wine glasses puts a personal touch on the gift set and was so easy that anyone can do it, pinky promise.

What you’ll need: 2 stemless glass wine glasses (my local dollar store had them- crazy),Glass Etch Cream, paintbrush, stencil, and rubbing alcohol.  Since I couldn’t find any monogrammed stencils I liked in particular, I printed a monogrammed letter and taped it to the inside of the glass and used it as a guide. So if you can’t find what you’d like in stencil form…do what I did, simple as that!

collageNext, following the directions on the class etching cream, I rubbed glass surface with rubbing alcohol, then carefully painted the monogram using the paper guide behind it, let the cream dry for 15 minutes, then washed it off.

I am positive a valentine will love this thoughtful gift set- I mean who wouldn’t.  Don’t forget to comment and subscribe below. Happy Tuesday!


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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Under $100: For the People Who Have Everything

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 10.05.01 AM


1. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses- Set of Two 

2. Scratch Map Travel Edition

3. Ticket Stub Diary

4. My Life Story- So Far

5. IQ Test 

6. Driftwood Iphone Charging Dock (Here it is for the Samsung Galaxy)

Day 4: For the people who have everything.  Seriously, is it just me or are these the absolute worst people to get presents for?  Every unique present idea is shot down with something along the lines of “they probably have that.”

Books? They definitely have them all. They probably even have a secret library. Electronics? Got it. Their kid probably got an Ipad at their 2nd birthday and can use it better than me.  Painted unicorn? Probably have that too.

So, I went on a search for presents I am pretty sure they don’t have. A musical major scale set of wine glasses (to play music as you drink- way cool), a scratch-off map of places they have been, a ticket stub diary of all their adventures, their own book- My life story so far, an IQ test, and a driftwood Iphone/Galaxy Charging Dock. For… drum roll please.. under $100.


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